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The Change Project is a learning & development organization that bridges the gap between what limits us in life to maximizing our true potential in each facet of our lives. We help our clients discover how to utilize their unique strengths, talents, value, and foster the development of success habits that help them perform at their highest level on a consistent basis.

Whether you are a business leader, parent, educator, student, or one that is looking for more, we are committed to helping you achieve the results you are aspiring for. Our Change Ambassadors are driven to raise our collective ceiling of potential by inspiring ripples of change in us all.

The result: a more fulfilled, accomplished, & satisfied life.

Almost every attribute of your potential -from intelligence to creativity to leadership to personality and engagement-is interconnected with others
— Shawn Achor

The Change Project & its Founder are getting some serious recognition!

Workforce Development Project Initiative


Pilot Launch Post-Course Video

The pilot launch of this program helped 14 High School students grow over 100% in 10/11 developmental soft skills categories to empower our youth with the opportunity to become more workforce & life ready!


‘Learning from Local Leaders’ 2019

This session helped steer the pathways and classes the students enrolled in for the upcoming school year and even helped one student change her track & secure a local internship!

Check out how you can influence CHANGE on another level as a ‘Community Change Partner’

Explore how you can not only support more students to participate in our workforce development training course, but how you can play a direct role at contributing to their development.



We realize you may extend beyond these listings you see here.

That is why we work with you to tailor solutions that work best for you.



Do you know what excites you? What you gravitate toward and see yourself doing in the future? Do you know what you’re good at and want to explore how you can find the answers to help you discover more? Do you have absolutely no idea how to answer any of these questions and are scratching your head going-NO?

Our Specialties Include: Workforce Development Training Courses, Life Skills Development, CliftonStrengths Training, Career Exploration Workshops, and more!


Looking to change that overwhelming feeling to accomplish more? Want to figure out how to tap into the positive on any given day? Want to find ways to understand your family members better? Want to discover how you can invest in the development of each of your different kiddos? Want to find ways to fill yourself back up so your not running on empty?

Our Specialties Include: Strengths-Based Parenting Workshops & Personalized Coaching, Family Problem-Solving & Stress-Reducing Coaching, and more!

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Want to discover approaches to student learning that encourages engagement? Looking for fresh tools to aide in classroom management? Want to find ways to replenish yourself for each new day?  Are some of you looking to reignite your passion for your profession? Looking to strengthen the connection with parents to assist in their child's success?

Our Specialties Include: Strengths-Based Professional Development, Team & Leadership Development, Goal-Achievement & Stress Reducing Training, and more!

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Eager to accelerate your growth and success and bring more value to more people? Want to identify talent that aligns with your mission, vision, and core values? Looking to build an engaged culture where each contributes and performs at their highest level consistently? Want to enhance and develop your team members and explore how to identify future leaders?

Our Specialties Include: Strengths-Based Training, Team & Leadership Development, Client-Focused Courses & Seminars, Employee Engagement & Goal-Achievement Workshops, and more!


Our goal is to maximize the return on the investment our clients make to significantly raise their levels of achievement, happiness, and overall state of well-being. We provide tools to discover the ingredients of a life well-lived, and provide guidance on approaches to develop talents anf strengths to influence lasting results.

When you are engaged and operating in alignment with what you naturally do best, it yields:

  • 31% increases in productivity (Shawn Achor)

  • 125% less burnout (Harvard Business Review)

  • 44% higher retention (Gallup)

  • 300% more innovation (Harvard Business Review)

  • 37% increase in sales (Shawn Achor)



The Change Project is all about making an impact in all aspects of our lives. Erica and her company are committed to not only developing leaders so business owners can recognize more potential, but they also work with schools, kids, and families to better understand our own strengths and what we are capable of achieving. If you want to understand more about authentic life skills that will improve your career, your personal life and your ability to connect with people at any age, or if you want to understand how TRUE Leadership can have massive power that stretches far beyond your career, then check out The Change Project.
— Ross Williams, Vice President, Volt Workforce Solutions
I appreciate the time and energy Erica and The Change Project has invested in CTE staff and student leaders at Queen Creek High School. We have learned more about ourselves, working with others, how to utilize our strengths for greater productivity and how to outwardly show appreciation for others. The positive energy created by our training filled our buckets and gave us motivation and inspiration to move mountains. We are beaming with gratitude!
Erica is a positive light that shines. Her passion for people and seeing the positive change in my team individually and as a group is why I hired her to assist my team with Professional Development. She is a beacon of light and brings positivity everywhere she goes that ignites the growth of change and internal wellbeing.
Have you ever entered a room and there is an energy that can’t easily be explained with words? Spend some time with Erica and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. I had the pleasure of taking a sales course with Erica. She is unbelievable! Erica, thank you for all the time and energy you put in to help be become a much better salesman
— eddie gonzalez, SVN Desert commercial advisor

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