What we Do


The Change Project harnesses the power of what makes us uniquely valuable, helping organizations, parents, educators, and students thrive and maximize their vast potential.  We provide training & development to help people perform at their highest potential and transform their desires into reality. We work with people of all ages interested in expanding what is possible to have, create, and enjoy in their lives.

We work towards delivering the unique needs of our clients through an array of services including personal & professional development, team & leadership development, workforce development, strengths-based coaching, facilitation of workshops and habit-forming courses for sales, business, & life, as well as presentations and speaking engagements.

Our services are designed to achieve or exceed our clients desired results and position them to perform at their highest level on a consistent basis. We connect with and support each other, working towards maximizing the potential of people both individually, and collectively. We aim to deliver value above and beyond your investment to create positive, lasting change that fuels your engine of productivity.

We work with our clients to raise their ceiling of potential and lead them to a more productive, satisfied, and fulfilled life.

Customized Training

With your vision in mind, we create customized training including Individual & Group Coaching with focus on the end result.

How great would it feel to have your core purpose understood and the right partner beside you to guide you on that path to satisfaction?  


Client Testimonial

I appreciate the time and energy Erica and The Change Project has invested in CTE staff and student leaders at Queen Creek High School. We have learned more about ourselves, working with others, how to utilize our strengths for greater productivity and how to outwardly show appreciation for others. The positive energy created by our training filled our buckets and gave us motivation and inspiration to move mountains. We are beaming with gratitude!

On-site Courses

Our Change Ambassadors are Certified Facilitators* providing 9-12 week courses for business, sales, and life skills that help people develop success habits.   This guides them to achieve the results in the desired areas they want to excel in, positioning them for peak performance.

How empowering would it feel to develop new automatic habits that are now second nature to you leading you to a more fulfilled life?


Client Testimonial

My first year in commercial real estate was very challenging and the lack of income was disappointing. This lead to a lack of motivation to push myself at work. After my very first Authentic Salesperson meeting, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my chest. The overwhelming information and lingo I was taught was replaced with two very simple words that have proven to be the secret sauce. Those words are “I help.” That single way of communication and mindset has helped me close 7 deals in the past three months. Erica you are amazing. Ten years from now, I want to know how many people you have positively affected with your facilitation of this course.
— eddie gonzalez


On-site & Virtual Workshops

Tailored to your varying needs, our workshops are designed to help participants discover clarity, inspiration, and start the impact that will ripple your next steps into action.

How exciting would it be to fuel your ambitions and set in motion a more productive life?


Participant Testimonial

Erica Ballesteros is the most amazing, positive, influential person that I have had the privilege to learn from. I have experienced her and what The Change Project does first hand. It has made a huge impact on my life and who I am as a person. I can personally vouch for my fellow classmates who were at the training alongside me, who felt empowered and confident upon leaving!

Erica does not just influence you on the day of your development course, she leaves you with a lasting feeling of empowerment for what you can achieve! She has changed my life and I’m positive she can change many others lives as well.
— Jacque Quesada, Queen Creek High Student

When you develop yourself to the point where your belief in yourself is so strong that you know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, your future will be unlimited.
— Brian Tracy


Address: Queen Creek, AZ 85140 United States

E-mail: info@thechangeproject.us

Phone: 602-214-2787